Recycling electronic scrap

In today's industrial society, the use of electric and electronic equipment has increased tremendously. While production levels have been growing steadily, the lifecycle of many devices is decreasing, leading to volumes of 'e-scrap'.

Many countries around the globe have made significant legislative efforts to cope with these material streams - such as the European Union's 2003 "Waste  electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)" directive. WEEE contains not only significant amounts of valuable and scarce metals that must not be wasted, but also several toxic and hazardous elements, which form a considerable threat to the environment if not treated appropriately.

In order to protect our natural resources and safeguard the environment, there is a growing need for ecologically sound but cost-efficient recycling of WEEE/electronic scrap. This is exactly what Umicore Precious Metals Refining is all about. It is our particular strength to offer our customers highly reliable and eco-efficient recycling solutions, which include metal recovery and value return, environmental performance, accuracy and transparency of material streams, as well as high standards of business and personal ethics.


Umicore reinforces its compliance with the WEEE end-processing standard. Click here for Lloyd's certificate of approval.